On Asian Art Festival
LEE, Daeil / Coordinator & Art director

As I believe that the undefinable with no ‘form’ should not be confined to the frame of old tradition, we have decided to abandon the dichotomy of ‘stage’ and ‘seats’. Open structure with scaffold was applied to the overall venue to overcome ‘frontality’ of performances. With this structure applied, the audience can watch the artists from every angle.
The material used as the screen on the stage is translucent, so that the audience can watch what is happening on the stage from both front and back. This ‘reseau’ screen is like a ‘cell membrane’, a key structure of life: A membrane means ‘boundary’ between cells, but at the same time, it is a medium of ‘communication’ through which exchange of matters takes place. All the endeavors of the mankind for ‘communication’, via overcoming ‘boundary’ becomes trivial in this mystic structure. Many artists of diverse genre are willing to participate and work together, and there has been no intervention of the steering committee in the process of collaboration. Instead, we hoped that the participants may understand what ‘multi-culturalism’ implies today while mingling with one another in Wongok dong.
In the last week of September, at the small square in Wongok dong, we will have a 3-day festival of Asia where stage and seats, communication and boundary, and artists and audience are all mixed up together and enjoy as one.